8th annual London Greek Film Festival 19-25/10 2015

Από την/τον Βασίλης Νάτσιος | 16 Οκτωβρίου 2015


The London Greek Film Festival, independent, alternative, progressive and creative as ever, remains loyal to its objective, despite the adversities: to act as the international meeting point for contemporary Greek film from across the world. The Festival, founded in 2008 by director Christos Prossylis and London’s Cosmocinema, continues to showcase the film productions of Greek interest in all its forms.

This year the Festival will take place from 19 to 25 October. During this week it will present more than 55 selected films at Camden’s Theatro Technis (26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT); it will also present 11 selected short and feature film scripts online. Screenings include feature films, short films, documentaries, experimental films and video art.

The Festival accepts films and scripts by Greek filmmakers from around the world, but also by non-Greeks whose work bears some Greek interest. It has established itself as one of the most prestigious events when it comes to showcasing contemporary Greek culture in the British metropolis and in Europe, projecting a positive and creative face of Greece. At the same time it creates networking and collaboration opportunities and it promotes new technologies which combine good old cinematography with the new possibilities offered by the modern film world.

On Saturday 24 October, Theatro Technis will host the ‘Odysseus Awards’ ceremony, during which the best films by category, will be announced, as voted by the judging committee. There will also be a ‘Viewers’ Award’ winner. Awards will also be presented to best actors, screenwriters, filmmakers and performers. The awards ceremony will be presented by the London based Greek correspondent Thanasis Gavos.

The Festival will draw to an end on 25 October with two very interesting informative / introductory workshops. The first one will be about the Festival’s new project in collaboration with London’s Cosmocinema: the ‘Filming in Greece’ international agency, set up to facilitate those who want to use Greece as their filming set. The second workshop will be an introduction to the ‘Acting Code’ method, developed over the previous decade by director Christos Prossylis and updated through his research theatrical group Cosmotheatre of London. The method is now available to the public.

The full programme of screenings and events is now available on the Festival’s website, will full description of the films and scripts – including images and trailers.

Website: www.londongreekfilmfestival.com


Monday, 19 October 2015


Afternoon tea & networking.

Meeting with the LGFF Director.


ZONE 1 – Documentaries

Icon. Directed by Lampros Georgopoulos. Greece, 2015. 11′. UK Premiere.

Following Shira’s Journey: A Greek Jewish Odyssey. Directed by Carol Gordon & Natalie Cunningham. Australia, 2014. 50′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Documentary

Pavlos. No Ordinary King. Directed by Nikos Politis. Greece, 2015. 117′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Short Fiction Films

Sin. Directed by Christina Anna Dafni. UK, 2014. 12′. UK Premiere.

Killing My Girl. Directed by Tasos Giapoutzis. UK/Greece, 2014. 11′.37”.

25.12. Directed by Stella Dimadis. Australia, 2015. 13′.48”. World Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Fiction Feature Film

The Journey. Directed by Lance Nielsen. Greece/UK, 2014. 112′.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


ZONE 1 – Documentaries

Cementography. Directed by Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides. Cyprus, 2015. 51′. World Premiere.

Samios. Directed by Maria Giannouli. Greece, 2015. 7:45. UK Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Short Fiction Films

Alternative. Directed by Vasilis Tsirakis. Greece, 2015. 20′. World Premiere.

Cravats. Directed by Alexis Komvakos. Greece, 2014. 10′. UK Premiere.

Sleep: A Monologue. Directed by Peter Ellinas. Cyprus, 2015. 14′. World Premiere.

Mother’s Son. Directed by Graziella Roussou. Greece, 2015. 5′. UK Premiere.

Prince Of The Hill. Directed by Paris Grigorakis. Greece, 2014. 28′. UK Premiere.

Enforcement 6/9. Directed by Konstantinos Ioannidis & Fanis Topsachalidis. Greece, 2015. 19′. World Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Fiction Feature Film

Dark Illusion. Directed by Manos Karystinos. Greece, 2014. 72′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Fiction Feature Film

Family member. Directed by Marinos Kartikkis. Cyprus, 2015. 104′. UK Premiere.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


ZONE 1 – Documentary

Paliostrata, the old path of Revenikia. Directed by Dimitris Karathanasis. Greece, 2015. 53′. World Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Documentary

Burning from the inside. Directed by Marsia Tzivara. Greece/Germany, 2014. 64′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Short Fiction Films

The Collector. Directed by Dimitris Argyriou. Greece, 2014. 13′. UK Premiere.

Elvin. Directed by Orfeas Peretzis. Greece, 2014. 25′. UK Premiere.

Spectrum. Directed by Dimitris Gkotsis. Greece, 2014. 12′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Fiction Feature Film

Kame koummando. Directed by Manolis Damianakis. Greece, 2014. 80′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 5 – Fiction Feature Film

The Republic. Directed by Dimitris Tzetzas. Greece, 2015. 108′. UK Premiere.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


ZONE 1 – Short Fiction Films

Retro Face. Directed by Spiros Dodopoulos. Greece, 2014. 7′. UK Premiere.

PROSEFHI: Greek School Prayer. Directed by Thanasis Neofotistos. Greece, 2014. 20′. UK Premiere.

Berenice. Directed by Theano Emmanouil. Greece, 2015. 8′. World Premiere.

For Ever Young. Directed by Spiros Charalampous. Greece, 2014. 21′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Documentaries

Who will remove the chestnuts from the fire? Directed by Tsartsanis Vasilis & Vourvahakis Nikos. Greece, 2014. 72′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Fiction Feature Film

Illusion. Directed by Savvas Karydas. Greece, 2013. 97′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Fiction Feature Film

Lovestruck. Directed by Thodoris Atheridis. Greece, 2014. 104′. UK Premiere.

Friday, 23 October 2015


ZONE 1 – Short Fiction Films

On Hold. Directed by George Tsirogiannis. Greece, 2014. 17′. UK Premiere.

Suppression. Directed by Michail Mavromoustakos. Greece, 2014. 4′.59”. UK Premiere.

My dad is a Dracula. Directed by Konstantinos Chaliasas. Greece, 2014. 15′. UK Premiere.

Big Bad Sheep. Directed by Paris Patsouridis. Greece, 2013. 21′. UK Premiere.

Woman. Directed by Konstantinos Chaliasas. Greece, 2015. 15′. World Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Documentary

Emery Tales. Directed by Stelios Efstathopoulos & Susanne Bausinger. Greece/Germany, 2015. 66′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Documentary

Lost in the Bewilderness. Directed by Alexandra Anthony. Greece/USA, 2015. 87′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Documentary

Chalkedon. Directed by Gregory Oikonomides. Greece, 2014. 73′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 5 – Fiction Feature Film

Invisible. Directed by Dimitri Athanitis. Greece, 2015. 85′. UK Premiere.

23.00 +

After Event Very Late Night Party in Central London.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

WEB ZONE – Experimental Films

Draconian Decision of the German Drachma. Directed by Billy Cotsis. Australia, 2015. 8′. World Premiere. (web only)

Col O’Bara Delivers Injustice. Directed by Theodore Vogiatzidis. Greece, 2014. 11′. World Premiere. (web only)

Lefkada I Love You. Directed by Eleftheria Skourli. Greece, 2014. 60′. World Premiere. (web only)


ZONE 1 – Experimental Films

Lift to Move. Directed by Debra Sea. Greece, 2015. 3:07. World Premiere.

Waiting. Directed by Thanos Koutsandreas. Greece, 2014. 6′. UK Premiere.

Train of Mind. Directed by Eleni Korakaki. Greece, 2014. 11:40. World Premiere.


ZONE 2 – Video Art Films

Andreas & Christina | Wedumentary. Directed by Aristarchos Papadaniel. Greece, 2012. 4:48. UK Premiere.

A Letter – A Story: The Little Monkey. Directed by Aristarchos Papadaniel & Sophia Mandouvalou. Greece, 2010. 6:15. UK Premiere.

The Field. Directed by Gm Touliatou. Greece, 2015. 6:45. World Premiere.

The Voices of Silence. Directed by Stefanopouou Pamela – Panagiota. Greece, 2015. 1:52. UK Premiere.


ZONE 3 – Short Fiction Films

Austerity. Directed by Renos Gavris. Greece/Cyprus, 2015. 15′.

Between Black and White. Directed by Socrates Alafouzos. Greece, 2015. 15′. UK Premiere.

Short Cut. Directed by Orestis Tsitouris & Savina Liaki. Greece, 2015. 4′. World Premiere.

Man in a Box. Directed by Elias Papastamatiou. Greece, 2012. 04:36. UK Premiere.

Without Milk. Directed by Thodoris Vournas. Greece, 2014. 18′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 4 – Documentaries

A Beacon in Havana. Directed by Fay Efrosini Lellios & Wilton Cruz. USA/Cuba, 2015. 18′. World Premiere.

The Art of Crisis, Theatre Matters. Directed by Katerina Patroni. Greece, 2014. 55′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 5 – Fiction Feature Film / Experimental

At Greek County 2013 p.m. Directed by Dimitris Dimitroulias. Greece, 2014. 60′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 6 – Documentary

In the Nest of Time. Directed by Alexander Papailiou. Greece, 2015. 70′. UK Premiere.


ZONE 7 – Documentary

The Archaeologist. Directed by Kimon Tsakiris. Greece, 2014. 90′. UK Premiere.


Odysseus Awards Event @ Theatro Technis in London (26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT)

Places are limited. Please visit our website and book early.

Presenter: the journalist Thanasis Gavos.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Zone 1

Short time presentation of the Filming in Greece Project and networking.

An initiate agency based in London, for filming in Greece, developed and administrated by London Greek Film Festival & CosmoCinema (London, UK). Christos Prossylis and CosmoCinema developed also the London Greek Film Festival from the scratch, about a decade ago.


Zone 2

Short time presentation of the Acting Code Method and networking.

Unique advance acting and directing technique, developed by film/theatre director Christos Prossylis. Presented by CosmoTheatre (London, UK) Theatre Company and CosmoCinema (London, UK).

Βασίλης Νάτσιος

Βασίλης Νάτσιος

"Ό,τι βλέπεις είναι αληθινό, ό,τι ακούς μπορεί να μην είναι"

...Γεννήθηκα στα μεγάλα κινηματογραφικά στούντιο και μεγάλωσα σε θεατρικές σκηνές και στα τηλεοπτικά πλατό. Από μικρός έκανα παρέα με όλες τις προσωπικότητες του πολιτισμού μας. Μαζί με τους δικούς μου ανθρώπους, με στηρίζουν συνεχώς, κυρίως με το έργο τους. Ωραία ιστορία, έτσι; Κρίμα που δεν είναι αληθινή! Πάντα μου άρεσε αυτή η εκδοχή. Χρειάζεται ένας μύθος να συντηρεί την πραγματικότητα. Οι δικοί μου μύθοι είναι έγχρωμοι, σινεμασκόπ και εξώφυλλο. Και συνεχίζουν να ζουν στο cosmopoliti…


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