9th annual London Greek Film Festival

Από την/τον Βασίλης Νάτσιος | 11 Μαΐου 2016


The 9th annual London Greek Film Festival, a special edition, will take place from 15 to 21 May 2016. From 2016, the festival will be presented every April or May. Very close to the last year’s edition (last October) the festival wants to thank all the supporters, and of course the filmmakers, producers, writers, artists and friends from across the world that support it all these years.
The London Greek Film Festival changes, adapting every positive element the new era has to offer, including new technologies, new film production and distribution methods and techniques, networking, and from the film industry both artistic and business opportunities and evolution. Among others, Cosmocinema offer us the opportunity to collaborate in a brand new Filming in Greece Agency. Greek Directors Guild and Greek Screenwriters Guild, started a collaboration with our festival this year. We welcome both organisations to our festival, in a very promising and effective collaboration.
The London Greek Film Festival, independent, alternative, progressive and creative as ever, remains loyal to its objective, despite the adversities: to act as the international meeting point for contemporary Greek film from across the world. The Festival, founded in 2008 by director Christos Prossylis and London’s Cosmocinema, continues to showcase the film productions of Greek interest in all its forms.
This year the Festival will take place from 15 to 21 May. During this week it will present a lot of selected films at Camden’s Theatro Technis (26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT); it will present selected short and feature screenplays as well.
The Festival accepts films and scripts by Greek filmmakers from around the world, but also by non-Greeks whose work bears some Greek interest. It has established itself as one of the most prestigious events when it comes to showcasing contemporary Greek culture in the British metropolis and in Europe, projecting a positive and creative face of Greece. At the same time it creates networking and collaboration opportunities and it promotes new technologies which combine good old cinematography with the new possibilities offered by the modern film world.
On Saturday 21 May, Theatro Technis will host the ‘Odysseus Awards’ ceremony, during which the best films by category, will be announced, as voted by the judging committee. Awards will also be presented to best actors, screenwriters, filmmakers and performers. This year, we are presenting modern Greek poetry from across the world, as well, as part of our Video Poetica International Poetry Competition. The awards ceremony will be presented by the London based Greek correspondent Thanasis Gavos.
Some very interesting workshops will also take place, and there will be continuous networking and information opportunities regarding the Filming in Greece Agency.
Welcome to the 9th annual London Greek Film Festival!
Meet Greeks, speak Greek with native speakers if you wish, enjoy Greek films from across the world!
Enjoy the positive face of Greece in London! :)

Organized / Supported by: Cosmocinema, London, UK.

Art Director: Christos Prosylis


Βασίλης Νάτσιος

Βασίλης Νάτσιος

"Ό,τι βλέπεις είναι αληθινό, ό,τι ακούς μπορεί να μην είναι"

...Γεννήθηκα στα μεγάλα κινηματογραφικά στούντιο και μεγάλωσα σε θεατρικές σκηνές και στα τηλεοπτικά πλατό. Από μικρός έκανα παρέα με όλες τις προσωπικότητες του πολιτισμού μας. Μαζί με τους δικούς μου ανθρώπους, με στηρίζουν συνεχώς, κυρίως με το έργο τους. Ωραία ιστορία, έτσι; Κρίμα που δεν είναι αληθινή! Πάντα μου άρεσε αυτή η εκδοχή. Χρειάζεται ένας μύθος να συντηρεί την πραγματικότητα. Οι δικοί μου μύθοι είναι έγχρωμοι, σινεμασκόπ και εξώφυλλο. Και συνεχίζουν να ζουν στο cosmopoliti…


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