Aqua Vista Hotels enters strategic collaboration with foreign investor in Santorini, with lease of boutique luxury property Dreams Luxury Suites

Από την/τον Christina Politi | 13 Μαΐου 2018


Aqua Vista Hotels

After a decade of successful management, Aqua Vista Hotels has agreed to the lease of Dreams Luxury Suites, after its acquisition by an international investor.

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Aqua Vista Hotels has been managing Dreams Luxury Suites for 10 years, transforming it into one of the best performing properties in Santorini, with multiple awards, international press mentions and a loyal and ever-increasing global clientele. In 2017, the hotel changed hands after its acquisition by an overseas investor.

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Impressed by Aqua Vista Hotels’ successful record at Dreams Luxury Suites,  as well as the multiple global awards achieved across its portfolio, the property’s new owner initially planned to maintain its existing management framework with the hotel management company. However, Aqua Vista Hotels proposed instead to lease the property, resulting in a new collaboration for a period of five years which is expected to boost the hotel’s performance even further.

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Aqua Vista Hotels’ move into the leasing market follows its change of investment policy, which began in early 2018 with the lease of Asteras Villas in Fira, Santorini, following an existing long-term management collaboration. This strategic move towards leasing reflects the Group’s strong growth in recent years, with an increasing number of partnerships being added to its portfolio

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Regarding the new collaboration, Ms Sofia Matzourani, Business Development Manager at Aqua Vista Hotels said: “We are very proud to have achieved a strong and bilaterally profitable lease contract for Dreams Luxury Suites with a prominent international investor.  After a prosperous and rewarding decade managing the property, the Aqua Vista Hotels team is looking forward to taking the next step, with plans to strengthen and increase the hotel’s presence in the luxury market and uphold the top quality services and facilities we are known for around the world”.

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More about Aqua Vista Hotels

Aqua Vista Hotels was founded in 2005 and today manages a portfolio of more than 30 hotels in Greece on the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Lesvos and Skiathos.

Managed by executives who have a great deal of experience in the hotel and tourism industry, all of whom possess a passion for the hospitality sector, Aqua Vista Hotels is involved in the creation and curation of hotels with a unique identity. Handling everything from architectural aspects to the interior design, the group is also responsible for the overall concept of the experience offered, as well as managing the bookings and the day to day functioning of all departments.

A hotel with a healthy and profitable operation, first class amenities and facilities and the creation of an unforgettable guest experience are all factors which define the objectives of Aqua Vista Hotels when embarking on any venture or collaboration.

Christina Politi

Christina Politi

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