Blue Eyes collection by Blondie.e: Saturday 3rd March at Pirée

Από την/τον Christina Politi | 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Port Defile Blondie.e Piree

Fashion is an inspiration, a style and a way of life. Fashion is art. Pirée presents Port Défilés, a new series of fashion galas, accompanied with performing arts and events. The diversity and the need for new proposals in the Greek fashion scene composes brand new live shows beyond the established led trend, giving the opportunity to already acknowledged designers, but also to new ones, for a creative expression through out their work.

At the 1st Port Défilé the sea brings Eleftheria Kardami back to Piraeus, by using her conceptual clothes as a statement. Eleftheria perceives that everyday life and fashion are directly connected. On March 3, 2018, we expect to see her more sensitized than ever since she will present the Blue Eyes collection with a more innovative show this time by engaging performing arts. Blue and black as colours are not just an expression on her garment but it is the conflict she-we all experienced by witnessing the oil spill in September 2017 on our shores. Eleftheria offers us a peaceful protest driving us to see the ugliness of beauty that has been caused.

In addition to her collection she uses logos on her t-shirts, printed messages, in order to sensitize us regarding the balance of environment.

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Creative Team Collaborators:

Vilelmini Andrioti          Artistic Director, Concept

Katerina Ververi           Vocalist

Nikos Stadiatis            Accordion

Maria Frantzeskaki      TAVROS JEWELS, Jewel

Angel Gavril                 SADHU HAIR, Hair Styling

Fashion Gala: Saturday 3/3 • 21.00

Pop Up Show Room: Saturday 3/3 • 18.00 – 23.00 | Sunday 4/3 • 13.00 – 23.00

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Eleftheria Cardamis is a fashion designer and businesswoman. At a very early age she was proposed to design the clothe collection of a well-known company. This was the motivation that encouraged her to listen to her inner voice. She cultivated her aesthetics by studying at Zer Fam fashion school where she transformed her talent into viewpoint. Eleftheria, as an anxious spirit in the search for simplicity, is deeply inspired by Rei Kawakubo, and keeps the minimalism of the great designer while she continues to unfold her own style.

Her business action began in 2008 by opening the Model 1 clothe shop in Piraeus. Shortly thereafter, in 2014, she founded her brand name, Blondie.e highlighting dynamically the fashion trend. Later on, in October 2017, she was awarded the first prise of Athens Xclusive Designers with her innovative Blue Eyes collection at Zappeion Palace.

By this way Eleftheria establishes herself in the fashion industry as a revealing designer, with extraordinary boldness, who brakes the old codes of a catwalk, both in the presence of her models but also with the an  airy and at the same time Doric outfit of organza she uses. In this collection her palette shades focuses on the blue and black colours. She emphasises the delicate fabric and plays with the mystery of see through and transparency as well as with alternating aesthetic fabric cuts by embracing the sophisticated unpretentious, a carefree fresh approach, a sea breeze

After her long-awaited debut in Piraeus, Eleftheria will participate in MadWalk on March 19 at the Olympic Fencing Centre and will present her Winter 2019 collection at the Zappeion Palace, on March 30.

[ Model 1 • Praxitelous 147, Piraeus, Greece ]


Kastoros 78, Piraeus, Greece

+30 2104082700-02

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Christina Politi

Christina Politi

Η Χριστίνα είναι δημοσιογράφος (υπήρξε και punKοσμικογράφος) έκανε περάσματα από την τηλεόραση, πολλές συνεντεύξεις, σχόλια, αμπελοφιλοσόφησε, έζησε ωραίες εποχές, ταξίδεψε πολύ, άκουσε πολλή μουσική, είδε θέατρο και κυρίως κινηματογράφο μανιωδώς, συνεργάστηκε σχεδόν με όλα τα περιοδικά και τηλεοπτικά κανάλια, έστησε το Cosmopoliti (παρατσούκλι από το γραφείο), έβαλε νερό στο κρασί της, το φιλοσόφησε και παραμένει αισιόδοξη. Είναι μητέρα δύο παιδιών και σκυλιών ράτσας pug.


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